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Punch + Strike

Our P+S workout class is especially designed to target all the major muscle groups through HIIT, Aerobics and Combat style movements. This class is taught to club music to help keep you pumped and is just 35 mins long. You are scorching those calories and challenging your body before you even know it.

Dance fitness

Be apart of a beautiful community and learn how to dance!
Whether you have always danced or have always wanted to dance then you will love our Dance classes. We use chart topping music as well as authentic to a very diverse range of International Dance styles including Ballroom & Latin. No experience needed - Just a passion to dance! We have 2 instructors that hold these classes, Laura's Beginners dance fit & dance with Fiona "Latin Fever"!

Broadway Boogie

High energy dance fitness workout inspired by Broadway and musical theatre from stage and screen. You can dance, sing and express yourself while working out to all your favourite musical show tunes. Become a Broadway star and take on every leading role as you embrace a different character with every single track and perform at your best.


Irish dance fitness

ReelRobics was created, for our global community to learn or reconnect with the joys of dance, in a non competitive, welcoming atmosphere. At ReelRobics, we combine the best bits of Irish dance, the craic and cardio, to boost your physical and mental wellbeing in just 45 mins. Suitable for absolute beginners.

Pilates - Yoga - Barre

Strength - Stretch - Flex

Combining Pilates & Yoga together is the same class to help strengthen and stretch the whole body all to music. This is not your ordinary Pilates, yoga or barre class, It is your ultimate legs, bums & tums session with a powerful twist! We finish the class with a whole body stretch and then chilled meditation. The whole class is done to music so you can sing along to help with the breath.

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